Biggest Virtual Morning Tea

Australia's Biggest Virtual Morning Tea

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is one of Australia’s best-loved fundraising events and plays a vital role in raising money for Cancer Council’s work in research, prevention and support services. Australia’s Biggest Virtual Morning Tea was created to raise awareness of the traditional event and also worked as a simple way for people too busy to have an actual event, to show support.

To create a virtual tea people shared a story about cancer, entered a location and then invited their facebook friends. Virtual Morning Teas were held all around Australia with each attracting around 20 virtual guests. Over 17,000 participants joined in and a new generation have now been exposed to Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea through this campaign and hopefully many will turn their virtual effort into a real event in the years to come. Australia’s Biggest Virtual Morning Tea picked up a Bronze 2012 MADC award for Best use of Social Media.

Over 17,000 participants joined in 840 Virtual Teas over three weeks and incredibly shared nearly 800 stories – resulting in over 250,000 online conversations.